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Meridian Malice

A Fantasy Adventure in the Land of the Elves


In the deep darkness of the endless caves lies the glowing Crimson Sea.

Bloodworth, the gleaming jewel of elven cities, stands before you on the shore of the red glowing sea.

Your opportunity or your downfall.
Who will you be in the elven city?

Subject, scoundrel, or socialite?
Will you rise to top or drown in the blood-filled streets?

Oh, a Human? Most Curious

Let me have a closer look at you. I see fate has brought you far from home, all the way to the Elven lands. But why? A lust for adventure? Opportunity? Desperation? You have already travel though the darkness, but don’t be fooled, you have not come to safety in Bloodworth. Don’t trust what you see.

Map of the Elven lands and Elf fashion styles
Bloodworth city map

The Elves, you ask, who are they?

Crimson, Amber, Lerna, Fiend, Nyx, Valari… They elves are many and each stranger than the last.

Pamphlet about the fashions of Ironedge
Vionath showing off her magic
Elven Dueling infographic pamphlet showing the different typs of duels and gear
Elf guard with a sword at the bathhouse


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